Saturday, December 19, 2009

love poem

This poem was written by me during our courtship days for my husband.We are childhood sweethearts and the poem was written during my college summer vacations when i couldnt meet him for a long time.A bit childish yet ..very sweet.

caution:Read it with the mindset of a teenager

You are always near me
when i open my eyes every morning
You are always close to wish me a hearty good morning
as i proceed with my daily chores you are there following me
Sharing the morning tea and breakfast
You are always near my heart

As i walk along the lane
u r again there to make me feel secure
At the study table u help me with my studies
u share with me my ideas,plans and schemes

The long evenings are spent cosily together
listening to soft music
In nights as i try to sleep
u slip into my dreams
I feel your presence everywhere
as far as i can see upto the horizon

u r always there in my creation
Like a GOD
u lift me from the realms of this world into the never ending land of
love,hope, trust and affection.

Friday, December 18, 2009

i came across a beautiful story in a book that i was recently reading.
it goes like that..........
a man and his 6 year old daughter lived in a village.
while they were strolling one evening they came near a river that had a rope bridge on it.
they were to cross that bridge
the father ordered his child "hold my hand,while we cross the bridge"
the daughter said " no papa,u hold my hand"
the father was amused and he said " what difference does it make?"
the child said very innocently yet firmly
"papa if i hold your hand and something wrong happens i may leave your hand u hold my hand no matter what happens u will never leave my hand."
the father was touched by the trust bestowed upon him by his darling daughter.he held her hand and together they crossed the bridge safely.
each one of us needs one such person on whom we can completely rely on.
it can be a parent,spouse,child ,friend or may be some distant relative.
and the best part is GOD has given
each one of us that one person with whom we share everything , in whose company we are carefree , we know whatever happens this person will be there to take care.

Sunday, December 6, 2009


My niece who is a typical teenager declared to me that she cannot live without her friends.
They meant everything to her and as she said this I myself was transported back to my school and college days where friends were nothing less than semigods.

BUT then something struck me more

At different stages in ones life we come across people without whom we feel our world would end that point.
It would be a sad place to live in.
Parents , friends , lovers , spouses , children ,- to name a few we think at different stages in our lives we cannot live without
But as I thought some more I realised that all these are external influences they may have a significant impact on the way I lead my life but definitely not permanent.
Life moves on............with or without them
We meet different people along the journey
we hold dear some , we forget many.

But ultimately

WE cannot live without ourselves , our knowledge (i am not using the word education here,they are different)
If we dont enjoy our company our life would be miserable sooner or later.
We will be frustrated , sad , blame others for our depressive state
You must love the person u see in the mirror.
For that u have to pursue things that nurture your mind,body and soul.
The sooner we realise this and start working on it each day of our life would seem more worthwile.
I hope someday my niece will also realise this and construct her life accordingly..........till then I let her enjoy the best , happy ,carefree days of HER TEENAGE LIFE

Friday, December 4, 2009

"......can we twist......"

Writing this post in very unusual situation.
Usually people write in peaceful atmosphere but i am typing this with DJ playing right under my window,there is a wedding tomorrow in my building and people are enjoying to the hilt.
As I am typing this even my body is steadily shaking to the foot tapping numbers played down
( multitasker I am,u see).
Music always has this kind of effect on me.
It transforms me to another world.It is estacy.
Sad times , happy times , romantic times , stressful times , anytime is music time.
Give me any situation and I will give u a song to match that mood.
It evokes those frequencies in me that may be match with the forces of universe that satisfies the love for life within me.
Music is passion, its life itself.
Everything around us is musical if u have ears for it-----our heartbeats , the swishing of leaves , the dancing waves , revolving fan , "OHM" which we Hindus believe, in which the soul ultimately resides...
Even our SILENCE has sound of its own and it is heard and understood by the people who love us
So while u think more about the magic of music in your lives I shake a leg to the tunes of "...can we twist........."

Saturday, November 28, 2009

SWEET TEMPTATIONS.......................

"TEMPTATIONS" the word itself will bring a mischievious smile on your face.
Everybody is tempted to break some or other rules in ones life
It can be as simple as eating a chocolate cake when u are on diet.........hmmm yummy
Getting wet in the rains when mom has said a strict no least u will catch cold.
Tempted to bunk the boring lectures(they always are) and chill in the college canteen.
Tempted to say a small lie to your parents (group study) and sneak out with your girlfriend for a date
Report sick at work and enjoy a holiday with family and friends......or simply just do nothing(lazy bones)
Ladies tempted to do huge shopping in the lure of sales and discounts,free gifts(I am guilty of that) toppling the monthly budget.
People tempted to have fun outside marriage..........
Boys tempted to smoke ,drink,do drugs just in the name of one life time experience.
Different people different temptations and yes temptations are necessary.
They make your life more colourful,vibrant and living
They streak the naughtier side of yours which is carefully covered under the pile of serious looks and degrees.
You do feel guilty of falling in trap of your temptations but u can conviniently blame it on your FOREFATHERS ,,,,,,,,,,,,Remember it was
EVE (of ADAM AND EVE) who was FIRST tempted to taste the FORBIDDEN APPLE !

Sunday, November 22, 2009


The ALMIGHTY has made each one of us different,given us a unique set of genes but what do we do with it?
For days,months and years together most of us get up in the morning,set out to earn our livelihoods to support ourselves and our family needs only to return home in the evenings to be glued to the t.v sets , childcare , cook and have dinner, turn off the lights and sleep to follow the very same thing next morning.
We set our parameters for sucessful life by chasing for better homes,bigger cars,bulging bank balances and savings.We fail to understand that it is just one aspect of our life( the survival one,a basic need) yet we create a big fuss about it and are unable to overcome it.
We dump all the hardwork done by the kingdom above to give us distinct identity into dustbins only to be lesser versions of sucessful people.


Earn yourself a decent lifestyle but also pursue things for more fulfilling life.
Learn music , join a dance class, help somebody(not only in terms of money but also giving your time),stand up for right cause ,read books, write blogs(hahaha..) in short pursue any hobby.
Do something that also feeds your heart and soul not only your empty stomach.It satiates the love within u which is in tune with the love of the creation.
Do something so spectacular with your life that even GOD should look down and smile and say

Saturday, November 21, 2009


Writing has almost become an addiction.It is one of the most satisfying experiences for me but today is different.
I am writing this today in state of mind where nothing is clear.
All thoughts are jumbled up.
I am writing this to breathe free,feeling bit suffocated inside, to find exactly what my mind is thinking to be able to express freely.
I am unable to distance myself from this chaos which is going within me.
Words are rushing in without any concrete meanings,sentences without any specific aims
There is a strong urge to write something,anything but what?
My fingers are itching to hit the keyboard , for a long time I sit looking blankly at the screen but nothing seems to appear in print,yet i want to pen down my thoughts desperately
Wait a minute where are the thoughts, what am I thinking , rationally speaking (oops writing) nothing,yet see i have written so many alphabets and u have read till here.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

what is true love?

Hmmm tough one.What is true love?
love which makes your heart skip a beat when u see or hear that person
love which elevates your mood only by remembering your sweetheart
love which redefines caste , age , geographical boundaries.............
love which gives u hope things are not that bad today and will be better tommorrow.
love which runs behind u through the door shouting "i am not gonna leave u even if u r angry with me"
love which helps u with the daily chores so that u get some rest
love which gives u hope to live
love which motivates u to work
love which aspires u to be better human being
love which makes u a better human being
love which trusts u and teaches u to trust
love which is silent or love which is expressive
love which is teenage or the one which matures gracefully with age
love which is at first sight or the one that grows silently with time
love which gives u the freedom or the one which is possessive
love which gives u a bouquet of roses on your birthday or the love which fills petrol in your car so that u never run out of fuel while traveling
love which will teach u to "rise in love"or "fall in love"

Saturday, November 14, 2009


Yesterday had lunch with a long lost school friend.
OH! What a golden afternoon it had been .
We met over the table after 13 years,yet we comfortably picked up from where we had left.
I dont know if the restaurant had mixed something in the food they served we just couldnt stop laughing.
We chuckled like school kids once again.We never discussed much of past nor the future.We were both immensly enjoying the moment.It was such pure innocent joy, free of all inhibitions,one of those blissful afternoons that I think we both are going to cherish for many years ahead.
After we waved goodbye to each other with promises that we will keep more in touch .
I thanked god for giving me friends like him and many more in my life.These beautiful people have truly made my life colorful and joyful.
They make me feel that I am the pampered child of GOD.
Perhaps GOD wants me to feel his special love thats why he has given me such wonderful set of people called "MY FRIENDS"

Saturday, November 7, 2009


Think deeply and may be even u will agree with it.
Well in schools and colleges we thought we will be friends for life.The emotions ran so strong for our peers that we could give our lives then and there if asked for as an ultimate proof to the strong ties we shared.Exit schools and college,we enter our professional lives,we get engrossed in making our careers so much that SAME friends move into some corners of our memory.
A great job ,new loaded bank balance brings smile to our faces temporarily but after awhile
again we get bored and start searching for new entertainmnet avenues
Then comes love,married lives we think this is the ultimate one we found out our soul mate but as years pass,with household responsibilties,childcare,financial updates we somewhat loose the passion.The love is still there but we no longer feel the need to express it.Its there for us and we have other problems to sort of.
Speaking about problems,even problems dont last.We find solutions or compromise and move on to tackle the new ones.
Moral of the story nothing in life remains the same.Every sunrise brings a new day,with new set of joys or fresh tears.
Everything is constantly changing around us and we are changing with ticking of clock.
So coming back to the square one,everything in life is replaced

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Recently while reading a book I fell upon a line that caught my attention. It stated
"Dont give your Boss so much respect that u dont have any self respect left"

Yet majority of us do exactly the same,there may be a variety of reasons u would like to give to support that.
Not for many of us going to work is a fulfilling experience,reason a tyrannical boss.
A boss who would sit on their promotional files,withheld appraisals,spoil confidential reports just because his ego was not pampered.
Under such superiors many forget that the company pays them for their skills and time they offer but not for their dignity to be thrashed day in day out , for years together.
Such is the intoxication of power that one human being forgets to behave in an human way with another.
People who say "YES BOSS" are promoted and the efficient,genuine workers who refuse to flatter are tortured in many ways.
I myself have gone through this depressing experience in my life , yet I refuse to surrender to the
stupid whims and fancies of my boss cause I firmly believe in another beautiful line

Sunday, November 1, 2009

lets make lives simple

We are a part of a tiny solar system in a small galaxy in this vast universe,we are just mere dots in this space yet some of our species behave as if they change the cosmos.
They will dissect each and everything that comes their way.
They take themselves so seriously that they fail to see small trivial joys that life offers us.
One of my friends will rationalise everything,from dance performances,to why a child cries or may be why dogs bark?

Please why dont u sit back and ENJOY some things as they are?

Unnecssarily make simple things complicated may be to show how much grey matter they have in their heads. Arre! this is the irony of education or may be of acquiring important degrees.
We take education to unravel the mysteries of nature,to search our true selves (in broader sense) and immediate need is to earn a decent livelihood.
Knowledge is gained to understand the complex issues by breaking them into simpler parts according to various levels of maturity,yet some people will use such big words in any situation to show how learned souls they are.
To all those guys out there who like to believe things always dont seem as simple as they are I only want to say "TAKE A CHILL PILL MAN"

Saturday, October 31, 2009


Well only yesterday i was talking to my dear friend who stays in U.S.A,he told me shveta why dont u write something practical,lots of emotional stuff I have read on different blogs.
Hmmmmmmm so he wants me to write something that my mind inspires and not my heart,money talks over emotional data over relationship stories.........
I tried hard but words refused to appear on screen.
I sat long looking at the blank screen but nothing seemed to budge.
so does it mean money doesnt interest me.
well to say truth yes it doesnt,
I mean it is important but not interesting
.For me money is the means but certainly not the ends.Money is the motivator but not ambition. It is the means to lead a life of self respect but not life.
I just cant spend my whole day,my best years of my life only earning cheques with many zeroes, I need to do many things that enrich my soul also.
I have always been career oriented to be financially independent and thats where my relation with rupees ends.
so my dear friend ,I am sorry,I cant write stuff that u want me to write something useful in wordly terms but since u r getting married soon I can certainly pen down tips to lead a happy married life,what say?

Friday, October 30, 2009


i always loved children but the love took a special meaning when i had my own child,a daughter,AKANSHA
she is darling 2 year old now.talks so much.she has just become an inevitible part of our lives from the day she was born,
she bought a sense of belonging to our lives(me and my husband).from individual identities we became a family.our priorities just never is the same from 25/8/2007 the day she was born.
they say"child is the father of man"so true. just looking at her i learn so many valuable lessons
the world looks so exciting and beautiful with her,the clouds,flowers, the rain,cars roads,animals all look special when i see from her eyes.everything is a gift to be opened and cherished.she taught me to savour the present without dwelling in the past or worry about the future.with her i have learnt to forgive and forget ego hassles that we grownups make out.i have also learnt to trust people easily,that the world is still beautiful inspite of its imperfections and each day is present from almighty to b lived happily.
really life has taken a total wonderful dimension after her arrival.
MOMMY FEELINGS NOTHING CAN BEAT THAT though sometimes it becomes a bit overwhelming.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

hi once again,
this is something related to we all experience sometime or the other -stress
quite depressing na
the one thing that nobody asks for but everyone gets its stress ,emotional stress,health stress, peer pressure stress (reminds me of my brother who called me yesterday to discuss it).what do we do?
lots of books are written,realms of papers is wasted to teach us how to combat stress but seriously do we remember when it really strikes us any of the any of the books help u to relase the sinking feeling in yr stomach?
do tarot cards reading ,running to astrologers to see yr future helps u to combat the worry wrinkles on your face?
different people different solutions but let me share with u what works for me
  • i get down on my knees and pray,pray pray to not solve the problem but to help me regain my mental peace.
  • say sorry to god for my sins which i must have committed in the past this or another lifetime.
  • say thank u for all the things i have
  • carry on with my daily routine
  • hang on,i say to myself "this too shall pass"
  • do charity,helps me feel good
  • help someone makes me feel better
  • play with my 2 year old daughter,looking at her i feel atleast somethings are still as god wanted them to be(pure,innocent, untouched by the evils).
  • cry cry yeah even i am human,its okay.
  • the most important one i ask the angels for help(i believe n them).these are some of things that i do ,they may sound a bit cliched but they sure shot work for me sooner or later and once again i be my happy go lucky self.

my thoughts ,my world

hi, i am shveta ,new to the world of blogging .
i always thought writing is very thearupatic,it unlesahes yr true side.
it may b dark or bright depending on the mood.
among the 10 things i wanted to do in my life,writing was one of them and so here i am
i dont know what kind of writing i will do but it would be very intersting to explore the way
lets see for now this much is enough,take care.