Saturday, October 31, 2009


Well only yesterday i was talking to my dear friend who stays in U.S.A,he told me shveta why dont u write something practical,lots of emotional stuff I have read on different blogs.
Hmmmmmmm so he wants me to write something that my mind inspires and not my heart,money talks over emotional data over relationship stories.........
I tried hard but words refused to appear on screen.
I sat long looking at the blank screen but nothing seemed to budge.
so does it mean money doesnt interest me.
well to say truth yes it doesnt,
I mean it is important but not interesting
.For me money is the means but certainly not the ends.Money is the motivator but not ambition. It is the means to lead a life of self respect but not life.
I just cant spend my whole day,my best years of my life only earning cheques with many zeroes, I need to do many things that enrich my soul also.
I have always been career oriented to be financially independent and thats where my relation with rupees ends.
so my dear friend ,I am sorry,I cant write stuff that u want me to write something useful in wordly terms but since u r getting married soon I can certainly pen down tips to lead a happy married life,what say?

Friday, October 30, 2009


i always loved children but the love took a special meaning when i had my own child,a daughter,AKANSHA
she is darling 2 year old now.talks so much.she has just become an inevitible part of our lives from the day she was born,
she bought a sense of belonging to our lives(me and my husband).from individual identities we became a family.our priorities just never is the same from 25/8/2007 the day she was born.
they say"child is the father of man"so true. just looking at her i learn so many valuable lessons
the world looks so exciting and beautiful with her,the clouds,flowers, the rain,cars roads,animals all look special when i see from her eyes.everything is a gift to be opened and cherished.she taught me to savour the present without dwelling in the past or worry about the future.with her i have learnt to forgive and forget ego hassles that we grownups make out.i have also learnt to trust people easily,that the world is still beautiful inspite of its imperfections and each day is present from almighty to b lived happily.
really life has taken a total wonderful dimension after her arrival.
MOMMY FEELINGS NOTHING CAN BEAT THAT though sometimes it becomes a bit overwhelming.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

hi once again,
this is something related to we all experience sometime or the other -stress
quite depressing na
the one thing that nobody asks for but everyone gets its stress ,emotional stress,health stress, peer pressure stress (reminds me of my brother who called me yesterday to discuss it).what do we do?
lots of books are written,realms of papers is wasted to teach us how to combat stress but seriously do we remember when it really strikes us any of the any of the books help u to relase the sinking feeling in yr stomach?
do tarot cards reading ,running to astrologers to see yr future helps u to combat the worry wrinkles on your face?
different people different solutions but let me share with u what works for me
  • i get down on my knees and pray,pray pray to not solve the problem but to help me regain my mental peace.
  • say sorry to god for my sins which i must have committed in the past this or another lifetime.
  • say thank u for all the things i have
  • carry on with my daily routine
  • hang on,i say to myself "this too shall pass"
  • do charity,helps me feel good
  • help someone makes me feel better
  • play with my 2 year old daughter,looking at her i feel atleast somethings are still as god wanted them to be(pure,innocent, untouched by the evils).
  • cry cry yeah even i am human,its okay.
  • the most important one i ask the angels for help(i believe n them).these are some of things that i do ,they may sound a bit cliched but they sure shot work for me sooner or later and once again i be my happy go lucky self.

my thoughts ,my world

hi, i am shveta ,new to the world of blogging .
i always thought writing is very thearupatic,it unlesahes yr true side.
it may b dark or bright depending on the mood.
among the 10 things i wanted to do in my life,writing was one of them and so here i am
i dont know what kind of writing i will do but it would be very intersting to explore the way
lets see for now this much is enough,take care.