Saturday, February 19, 2011


Growing up perhaps,I always felt I lost something...........happiness-unbashed happiness. Remember the time when were in school or college how we use to laugh uncontrollably on any silly thing .One look from a friend and there we used to burst in fit of giggles.Ya I am talking about that happiness-pure,innocent,untouched,untainted.Yes I found it again when I became a lecturer ,-among my students

"MY children"(thats what the Principal says "Shveta your child did this ..yr class child did that and so on......)

I find them pure ,innocent,alive.Don't judge them by their externals:they may wear too small too fit clothes,have weird hairstyles,talk in funny accents,throw stupid attitudes but apart from their externals everything is right about them.They have their hearts at the right place.They love uncontrollably and more important unconditionally,they are not hypocrates.They don't have the prejudices that you or I may have as adults.They haven't got into anlaysis stage where we analyse every thought and deed and become paralatic.

Beyond the random drugs and sex stories their lies a generation whose essence is still uncorrupted.They are more concerned about environment and other social causes and issues which we were not when we were of their age.

They are the kind of people I admire:open alive and spontaneous.

Parents and teachers grumble"what he has seen n life ?". They treat them harshly "oh they are still kids what do they know?"

WRONG, they know what we adults don't know .We strive for happiness they are happiness. They are all the hopes that we allowed to get collapsed,they are still those dreams we allowed to wither away with time.They are everything that stands for life.
I may never be in my teens again but I still have alot to learn from them.While interacting with them I always realise happiness has an address and its them

Thursday, February 10, 2011


I love my solitude moments............
these are divine's rare presents
a state in which
I am in complete harmony with everything
and celestial charms are weaving their spell on me

I love my solitude moments.........
as they offer me glimpses of millions of lives passing by
a chance to cherish old memories ,
they also provide me with hope and courage
for turning into reality my sweet future dreams

I love my solitude moments.............
where I am not role playing anything
I cease to be a mother,teacher,friend ,daughter or a wife
I am just me,me and simply ME !