Friday, November 5, 2010


Just saw the movie "Robot" , a full entertainment film.What touched me most about the movie was when in the end Chitti, the robot says that we humans carry a destruction chip in our hearts that unfortunately we can't remove.The red chip contains illfeelings of anger,jealousy,betrayal, frustrations,hatred .

From the time we learn to walk our elders teach us to be good,to behave good. A three year old knows this but a sixty year old would still find difficult to live such a simple life. As we grow our heart becomes polluted with worldly lessons.We think ourselves to be smart if we behave in an hypocratic manner disguised in the name of diplomacy, selfishness has now become synonymous with the word practical.Consumerism has replaced true feelings.

When it becomes difficult to do good things remember the three year old inside you.Give yourself time to listen to the voice of your heart,of your innermost thoughts before the time your mind was conditioned.This is the secret to a happy life.Do good not as a favor to others but as a way of life.Practice to overcome the ill -feelings to lead a stressfree life.Believe that other's intentions are equally good and not always manipulative as they seem to be.


Here in this space I am just not being preachy I am trying to walk the talk.It's difficult but not impossible .I fail myself sometimes but then I try again and I am already experiencing the good results.
This Diwali let us not only clean our homes,buy for ourselves new clothes and fancy things,light our houses with diyas but also illuminate our Souls with good deeds and gift our near and dear ones and world at large a brand new good human being "YOU" .

Sunday, August 8, 2010


In school they taught us"Man needs three things to survive food,clothing and shelter."
What they never taught at school and ONE of the many things that LIFE taught me is that" Man needs"HOPE" to be ALIVE.

Everyday each one of us wakes up with some or other hopes.
Students hope they will pass their exams with flying colours and land themselves with high perk jobs someday.
Bachelors hope to find beautiful life partners someday.
The sick hope they will be cured with their ailing aliments and will be fit someday
Mothers hope their children will do well in life .
The poor hope they will be rich someday so that life will not be so harsh on them.
Many hope the pending legal cases would get resolved so that they may resume their normal lives again
The old hope they will be treated well by their kids and society at large.

Each one of us hopes that the new year would be better for us,that life would treat us more softly,that our problems would vanish someday and we will live happily thereafter
Each one of us hoping against hopes that all our wishes would come true someday.

It is this "HOPE" that drives zillions of us to work everyday,to carry on with our day to day lives normally
Snatch the HOPE from a person he\she may just mentally collapse or in worst case perhaps die (yes people do die because of an aching heart)


Sunday, August 1, 2010


When I am happy
when I am gloomy

when I am thoughtful
when I am a clown

At life's various stages
YOU are always there hovering around

When I am hopeless and down
YOU give me wings to fly
YOU aspire me to go and conquer the sky...

and when I forget my modesty and fly too high
YOU are also there to crash me back on to the ground

Life's various occasions would'nt have been that memorable
it was your presence that made my small moments special

days flew into years comfortably
as we shared a great comaradie

Today on this friendship day
as glimpses of our companionship
run in front of my eyes

I bow down to the Almighty
who many years back
made an ANGEL for me
in the form of YOU............

MY DEAR FRIEND..............

Sunday, June 13, 2010

POEM: I HOPE SOMEDAY..............

I hope someday ……….

You will see the twinkle in my eyes

As I see your dreams turn into reality

I hope someday …

You will listen to the skip in my heartbeats

As you whisper sweet little nothings in my ears

I hope someday……….

You will notice the tiny jump in my steps

As we walk holding hands on the roads that lead nowhere

I hope someday…..

You will feel the warmness with which

I keep your world dazzling clean and beautiful

I hope someday

You will notice the affection

With which I treat your kith and kin

I also hope that someday you will empathise with the pain in my heart

When I withdraw into my shell

Cause you don’t pay much attention to me

But ALAS! The only thing that you do is bask in my external beauty

I feverishly hope that someday......

YOU will understand and appreciate

The real ME……….

Sunday, June 6, 2010


Have you been healed at some point in your life?

No I am not talking about recovery from cold , headaches , fever , external wounds or some other fatal disease or accident

I am talking about healing of your innermost core, the thing which essentially defines YOU

May be what philosophers call your SOUL

Yes, healing of your Soul.

Now you will ask me does a Soul heal or at first place does it get wounded?

Yes a Soul gets bruised and abused by our deeds.

When we do things in our life which our against our nature ,when we get influenced by other’s decisions in which we compromise with ourselves the Soul does fall sick..

We go on neglecting the pinching pain inside us until one day it becomes unbearable , we become restless ,WHEN MAY BE EVERYTHING AROUND US IS RIGHT BUT NOTHING INSIDE US SEEMS TO BE RIGHT

Your life hits rock bottom.

I read somewhere ”You are healed of a suffering only by experiencing it to the fullest”

It is at this juncture the healing starts.

It usually begins with a lifeturning event.

You meet a person or experience an event that changes the course of your life.

You get healed through somebody’s words, through someone’s touch, through good deeds , through prayer , through faith and ultimately through love.

You are ultimately healed when you find the passion of your life .The healing progresses when you get up everyday and set aside some time to do things that you love to do.

As the body is nurtured through food so the Soul is nurtured through love.

And when the Soul is healed life becomes a one big party , each day becomes a celebration and I am pretty sure each one of you wants to have gala time here.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Somethings were destined to happen...
the way we met,
the way our friendship blossomed,
the way we were weaved into one relation.

Somethings were destined to happen...
the way we are at ease in each other's company,
the way we share our hopes,dreams and other scheme of things,
the way we celebrate our small joys and major achievements.

Somethings were destined to happen...
the way we sulk
when we don't have enough time for each other,
the way we wipe each other's tensions,worries and fears,
the way one become's sad when the other is gloomy.

All this is just not mere coincidence
they are from "Providence"

As somethings are just destined to happen....
And I thank HIM
for making U my destiny.

Sunday, February 14, 2010


This poem was written for my first Valentine-My Husband years ago
when we were carefree childhood sweethearts

I love you for all the things u do for me..........

I love u for holding my hands whenever we walk together
it shows that i am never alone.

I love u for showering gifts and flowers on me
it says I am special to u

I love u for giving me advices,encouraging my morales,uplifting my spirits and wiping my tears
I realise u care for me

I love u for pampering me and taking care of my little worries,
hearing to my silly things and fears
it makes me remember the child in me

i love u for putting your arms around my shoulders when we are close
it says I am dear to u

but above all I love u for making my soul humane,
for helping me see this amazing world
and to see the warmness in hearts of other people

thanks for loving me so much..........

Friday, February 12, 2010


It's a Valentine weekend and I dedicate this post to all those Parents who love their children to a disastrous life.
These parents are silently and softly and very lovingly destroying their very own creations by stuffing them with excess love , junk food, clothes , money , toys, medicines , luxuries and other unnecessary facilities.
Such parents firmly believe in maxim "spare the rod and spoil the child"
Like Jinny they will fulfill their little Alladin's every whim and fancy,the results being very harmful to the child's physical and mental wellbeing.
Their infant(i am using the word in true sense) never learns to take "no" for an answer.
He is not ready to compromise or adjust to varying situations in life.
He becomes selfish and selfcentered.
He doesn't realise how much efforts are taken to satisfy his never ending demands
He assumes his every wish is his birthright that is to be fulfilled by his ever giving parents but he is failed to realise the same about his duties?
He is neither sympathetic nor empathetic towards others problems(including his parents) cause he is well shielded by the minutest inconviniences by his bearers and hence has never experienced them first hand.

Even a sapling to grow in a strong tree needs to face the sun and fight the winds , rains hence the parents also should give their children free hand to face and fight some odds if they aspire their little sweethearts to become responsible future adults.


Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Pleasant cool breeze is blowing on my face,
as I carry on with my routine in some mechanical daze.
Trying to stir something within my soul
some feelings,some emotions,some provoking thoughts.......

Trying to blow off the dust,
that has been gathered over the adult years.

I hope it succeeds so that once again
I have time to sit
and hear the melodious cuckoo sing,
feel happy and warm as I watch children play in some park,
to stop and bask in the glorious sunshine
and may be merrily get wet in the coming rains
or to take some time off
to dance with the shouting waves

I want the breeze to desperately succeed this time
so that I become one with my luminous spirit
and have a gala time.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

if we knew each other better

If we knew each other better

We would have discussed more

And argued lees

We would have fun more and crib less

If we knew each other better

We would have many more happy memories than sad experiences

If we knew each other better

We would have adjusted with each other more and fought less

If we knew each other better

We would have accepted imperfections in each other graciously than pinpoint them as negative traits.

If we knew each other better

We would have learnt from each other so much.

If we knew each other better

We could have created something new relation from

Our distinct personalities

But still we can know each other better

As “know” and “knew”

Reflects only the passage of time.

And we still have lots of time.

Saturday, January 9, 2010


Well I know many books have been written on this topic. Many lectures are delivered on women's day on how today's women are at par in today's world with men and I don't disagree with them completely
but over the years me and my some female friends have observed some more interesting facts.
Show me a sucessful women careerwise and I point u either she is single,widow or divorcee or may be playing second fiddle to her husband.
The truth is still women's worth is measured by the amount of household work she does,how good mother she is,how submissive wife is she? or how much of a patient daughter in law she is.

She has to be educated but she cannot be more knowledgable than her family atleast she has to pretend that.
Her I.Q. LEVEL should not be more than the men she is surrounded by OR she will hurt their ego even if it is she should not express it.
She can pursue her job,her hobbies but family should always be her first priority.Nothing can come in between that not even her aspirations,wishes likes,dislikes...........
She should be at the service of her in-laws whenever asked for.
She cannot assert her rights,but should be well aware of her duties and perform them day in and day out without expecting any kind word or deed in return.
At any time of day or night she cannot afford to be tired or sick.
She should be mentally prepared to be taken for granted always.