Sunday, June 6, 2010


Have you been healed at some point in your life?

No I am not talking about recovery from cold , headaches , fever , external wounds or some other fatal disease or accident

I am talking about healing of your innermost core, the thing which essentially defines YOU

May be what philosophers call your SOUL

Yes, healing of your Soul.

Now you will ask me does a Soul heal or at first place does it get wounded?

Yes a Soul gets bruised and abused by our deeds.

When we do things in our life which our against our nature ,when we get influenced by other’s decisions in which we compromise with ourselves the Soul does fall sick..

We go on neglecting the pinching pain inside us until one day it becomes unbearable , we become restless ,WHEN MAY BE EVERYTHING AROUND US IS RIGHT BUT NOTHING INSIDE US SEEMS TO BE RIGHT

Your life hits rock bottom.

I read somewhere ”You are healed of a suffering only by experiencing it to the fullest”

It is at this juncture the healing starts.

It usually begins with a lifeturning event.

You meet a person or experience an event that changes the course of your life.

You get healed through somebody’s words, through someone’s touch, through good deeds , through prayer , through faith and ultimately through love.

You are ultimately healed when you find the passion of your life .The healing progresses when you get up everyday and set aside some time to do things that you love to do.

As the body is nurtured through food so the Soul is nurtured through love.

And when the Soul is healed life becomes a one big party , each day becomes a celebration and I am pretty sure each one of you wants to have gala time here.

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