Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Pleasant cool breeze is blowing on my face,
as I carry on with my routine in some mechanical daze.
Trying to stir something within my soul
some feelings,some emotions,some provoking thoughts.......

Trying to blow off the dust,
that has been gathered over the adult years.

I hope it succeeds so that once again
I have time to sit
and hear the melodious cuckoo sing,
feel happy and warm as I watch children play in some park,
to stop and bask in the glorious sunshine
and may be merrily get wet in the coming rains
or to take some time off
to dance with the shouting waves

I want the breeze to desperately succeed this time
so that I become one with my luminous spirit
and have a gala time.


  1. What a refreshing lines. I can feel the breeze and aroma of Vasant

  2. wow g8 i like your poetry
    your very good poet