Friday, December 18, 2009

i came across a beautiful story in a book that i was recently reading.
it goes like that..........
a man and his 6 year old daughter lived in a village.
while they were strolling one evening they came near a river that had a rope bridge on it.
they were to cross that bridge
the father ordered his child "hold my hand,while we cross the bridge"
the daughter said " no papa,u hold my hand"
the father was amused and he said " what difference does it make?"
the child said very innocently yet firmly
"papa if i hold your hand and something wrong happens i may leave your hand u hold my hand no matter what happens u will never leave my hand."
the father was touched by the trust bestowed upon him by his darling daughter.he held her hand and together they crossed the bridge safely.
each one of us needs one such person on whom we can completely rely on.
it can be a parent,spouse,child ,friend or may be some distant relative.
and the best part is GOD has given
each one of us that one person with whom we share everything , in whose company we are carefree , we know whatever happens this person will be there to take care.

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  1. beautiful post , i can,t say anything no words god jo hmare liye jo rishte banate hmari zindagi main jo bhi rishte banakar bhejte woh chahe kaise bhi ho wo hamare liye kuch khaas hote hai isliye apni zindagi ke har rishte ko jee lijiye . har rishte ka hamari life main ek alag importance hota hai.kopal kokas