Friday, December 4, 2009

"......can we twist......"

Writing this post in very unusual situation.
Usually people write in peaceful atmosphere but i am typing this with DJ playing right under my window,there is a wedding tomorrow in my building and people are enjoying to the hilt.
As I am typing this even my body is steadily shaking to the foot tapping numbers played down
( multitasker I am,u see).
Music always has this kind of effect on me.
It transforms me to another world.It is estacy.
Sad times , happy times , romantic times , stressful times , anytime is music time.
Give me any situation and I will give u a song to match that mood.
It evokes those frequencies in me that may be match with the forces of universe that satisfies the love for life within me.
Music is passion, its life itself.
Everything around us is musical if u have ears for it-----our heartbeats , the swishing of leaves , the dancing waves , revolving fan , "OHM" which we Hindus believe, in which the soul ultimately resides...
Even our SILENCE has sound of its own and it is heard and understood by the people who love us
So while u think more about the magic of music in your lives I shake a leg to the tunes of "...can we twist........."

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