Saturday, November 28, 2009

SWEET TEMPTATIONS.......................

"TEMPTATIONS" the word itself will bring a mischievious smile on your face.
Everybody is tempted to break some or other rules in ones life
It can be as simple as eating a chocolate cake when u are on diet.........hmmm yummy
Getting wet in the rains when mom has said a strict no least u will catch cold.
Tempted to bunk the boring lectures(they always are) and chill in the college canteen.
Tempted to say a small lie to your parents (group study) and sneak out with your girlfriend for a date
Report sick at work and enjoy a holiday with family and friends......or simply just do nothing(lazy bones)
Ladies tempted to do huge shopping in the lure of sales and discounts,free gifts(I am guilty of that) toppling the monthly budget.
People tempted to have fun outside marriage..........
Boys tempted to smoke ,drink,do drugs just in the name of one life time experience.
Different people different temptations and yes temptations are necessary.
They make your life more colourful,vibrant and living
They streak the naughtier side of yours which is carefully covered under the pile of serious looks and degrees.
You do feel guilty of falling in trap of your temptations but u can conviniently blame it on your FOREFATHERS ,,,,,,,,,,,,Remember it was
EVE (of ADAM AND EVE) who was FIRST tempted to taste the FORBIDDEN APPLE !

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