Sunday, November 1, 2009

lets make lives simple

We are a part of a tiny solar system in a small galaxy in this vast universe,we are just mere dots in this space yet some of our species behave as if they change the cosmos.
They will dissect each and everything that comes their way.
They take themselves so seriously that they fail to see small trivial joys that life offers us.
One of my friends will rationalise everything,from dance performances,to why a child cries or may be why dogs bark?

Please why dont u sit back and ENJOY some things as they are?

Unnecssarily make simple things complicated may be to show how much grey matter they have in their heads. Arre! this is the irony of education or may be of acquiring important degrees.
We take education to unravel the mysteries of nature,to search our true selves (in broader sense) and immediate need is to earn a decent livelihood.
Knowledge is gained to understand the complex issues by breaking them into simpler parts according to various levels of maturity,yet some people will use such big words in any situation to show how learned souls they are.
To all those guys out there who like to believe things always dont seem as simple as they are I only want to say "TAKE A CHILL PILL MAN"


  1. सीधा आदमी हर युग में सीधा होता है/ रूखेपन पर रोता है/ पर घी निकालने के लिये उंगली टेढ़ी नहीं कर सकता
    ऐसे ही सीधे मनुष्य की ज़रूरत है इस युग मे इसलिये कि सीधापन मनुष्य का नैसर्गिक गुण है ।
    अच्छे लगे तुम्हारे यह विचार ।

  2. I liked your blog very much. I appreciate for your wonderful post. You have portrayed very nicely the true fact of life. In my opinion, everybody should be simple, good natured and broad-minded.

  3. Shweta so rightly said, nowdays, it has become almost everybody's habit to look inside, look the trivial part, whether required or not... and because of that the beauty and simplicity of the natural facts are missing. Natural course of thoughts are hindered. Natural spring of life is drained out, its taking toll on life, SO CHILL OUT PALS, Slow down speed and live the life. B'coz "you have only one life to live, but if you will live right, once is enough......

  4. I dont completely agree. Those people with grey matter in their head first enjoys those small things. They then dont sit back and wait for other small things to come there way..infact they analyze and get into root of those things to find out whether there is something that could be more fun or that could be converted to something big...I think thats the reason god has given us brains..unfortunately lot of them dont really use it and they eventually perish enjoying things that came in their life instead of working towards something sad..I wonder how much we could achieve if everyone spends some time analyzing things and coming up with something...Education is waste for those who fail to do this...