Wednesday, June 6, 2012

I BELIEVE.................

I believe in the magic wand called "Beliefs"
and here r some of the things tht sure shot work their charm on me.

I believe n NATURE  , d ultimate magician !
the rains.,chilly winter days,glorious sunshines,vast beaches,forests,hills they keep me spell bound.They make me realise that nothing n life is ever permanent that

I  believe n PEOPLE ...
friends,relatives,strangers,colleagues,children...all relationships because of them there r parties,celebrations,fights,laughter,tears, joys , sadness,frustrations.Lessons to be learned .to forgive and be forgiven ..LIFE would be boring without them.

I beIieve  n good WORKOUT
exercise ,skipping,dance,yoga,meditation.this helps me n living life healthily and beautifully.
they open up the channels to CONNECT MY MIND,BODY AND SOUL !

I believe n  LEADERS
by them I mean people  who r very comfortable with who they are.They don't let others dictate their choices,directly or indirectly through their own lifestyle they INSPIRE people to follw them,to discover themselves.This  clan lets me realise that SOMETHINGS IN LIFE ARE WORTH FIGHTHING TILL THE END !

GOD,angels,soulmates,masters...when everything fails me,I fail myself....they are there for me.They give me hope,courage.strength  to keep walking and reach my destiny.They are proofs that ITS IMPOSSIBLE TO HAVE A  PRAYER WITHOUT THE POWER TO REALISE IT !

Last but not the least I believe n HUMANITY
that people are still really good at heart,they r capable of trusting and making positive differences to the lives of people they come across if we  are ready to pose absolute faith n them. AMEN !!!

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