Sunday, August 1, 2010


When I am happy
when I am gloomy

when I am thoughtful
when I am a clown

At life's various stages
YOU are always there hovering around

When I am hopeless and down
YOU give me wings to fly
YOU aspire me to go and conquer the sky...

and when I forget my modesty and fly too high
YOU are also there to crash me back on to the ground

Life's various occasions would'nt have been that memorable
it was your presence that made my small moments special

days flew into years comfortably
as we shared a great comaradie

Today on this friendship day
as glimpses of our companionship
run in front of my eyes

I bow down to the Almighty
who many years back
made an ANGEL for me
in the form of YOU............

MY DEAR FRIEND..............


  1. बेहतरीन कविता है यह ..इसे मैने फेसबुक पर लगा दिया है ।

  2. sorry deri se dekha . yur poem is too good .friend chahe kaisa bhi ho vo dear hi hota hai . meri life me meri frend dolly ki bahut importncee hi . frends life k liye bhut zruri kyuki life inke bina aaduri hai .