Friday, November 5, 2010


Just saw the movie "Robot" , a full entertainment film.What touched me most about the movie was when in the end Chitti, the robot says that we humans carry a destruction chip in our hearts that unfortunately we can't remove.The red chip contains illfeelings of anger,jealousy,betrayal, frustrations,hatred .

From the time we learn to walk our elders teach us to be good,to behave good. A three year old knows this but a sixty year old would still find difficult to live such a simple life. As we grow our heart becomes polluted with worldly lessons.We think ourselves to be smart if we behave in an hypocratic manner disguised in the name of diplomacy, selfishness has now become synonymous with the word practical.Consumerism has replaced true feelings.

When it becomes difficult to do good things remember the three year old inside you.Give yourself time to listen to the voice of your heart,of your innermost thoughts before the time your mind was conditioned.This is the secret to a happy life.Do good not as a favor to others but as a way of life.Practice to overcome the ill -feelings to lead a stressfree life.Believe that other's intentions are equally good and not always manipulative as they seem to be.


Here in this space I am just not being preachy I am trying to walk the talk.It's difficult but not impossible .I fail myself sometimes but then I try again and I am already experiencing the good results.
This Diwali let us not only clean our homes,buy for ourselves new clothes and fancy things,light our houses with diyas but also illuminate our Souls with good deeds and gift our near and dear ones and world at large a brand new good human being "YOU" .

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